Q: Must my ARA membership be current in order to use Airbag Resources.com?

A: Yes. You must be a current ARA member, or a member of an affiliated state chapter

Q: How much liability insurance must I carry?

A: The program rules and regulations require participating members to carry at minimum $1 million in liability coverage.

Q:  Is an independent audit a requirement of the program?

          A: Yes. An annual independent audit is required by the Protocol. The audit is carried out by an independent auditor who visits the member's facility to verify compliance with the Protocol.  A copy of the audit plan documents in Excel format are located here.

Members who are also CAR members may schedule their annual CAR audit together with their Airbag Protocol audit, saving cost and administrative effort. Members who are not CAR program members must choose a qualified independent auditor in their locality who will conduct the on site audit.

Q:  I want to sign up online; are my credit card details secure?

A: Yes. We use the latest security features to protect your sensistive information when transmitted over the Internet to our server. Look for the padlock symbol in the bottom right hand corner of the Sign On page, which indicates we use SSL encryption to guard your information.

Q: Is there a cost every time I inspect an airbag using Airbag Resources.com?

A: No. Once you pay the fixed annual fees for use of Airbag Resources.com, there are no added costs to use the system.

Q: How do I describe an ARA Protocol air bag when I list my inventory in Pinnacle or Hollander inventory management systems?

A: In the "Conditions and Options" field immediately after the part description, enter "ARAPro". The expression ARAPro, should be entered first, before any other comments.

Q: What training does my shipping person need? How does this differ from my dismantlers?

A: Any employee involved in shipping airbags, or transporting airbags must take the hazardous materials (ATC II) training as well as be CAT certified (ATC I). Employees who handle airbags (e.g. dismantlers, inventory control staff, or sales staff), and who are not involved in shipping/transport, must be CAT certified; there is no need to take the hazardous materials training.

Q: How Much Does it Cost to Use the Service?

A: There are two price levels, one for members of the Automotive Recyclers Association (ARA) and another for Affilicated State Chapter Members.

1) ARA Members pay $99 per facility/per year

2) Affiliated State Chapter Members pay $129 per facility per year

 The above prices are effective from May1st,  2008.

 Q: One of my staff has lost his/her Certified Airbag Technician certificate. How do I get a new one?

 A: The technician can retrieve and reprint his/her own certificate using their CAT # by doing the following*:  

  1. Go to Inspection, Inspection Log On, and enter CAT number.
  2. In the top right hand corner of the Inspection Program page, click on ADMIN, then
  3. Click on Print Certificate from the drop down menu

*If the technician does not remember his/her CAT number, the Yard Admin can retrieve the number from the User's account details in Yard Admin

Q: I just signed up, and have my User Name and Password which I chose during sign up. However, when I use the User Name and Password in the Training module, it is not recognized. What should I do?

A: When you sign up, pay for use of the service, and choose a User Name and Password, you are receiving Administrator log on credentials.  Administrator log on credentials allow the holder to control access and monitor/print records for all users at his/her site.  In order to access the training modules however, the Administrator must set up a user account for each staff member who needs training, including a user account for him or herself.  Once a user account is set up, and appropriate user lever chosen (i.e. Airbag Training & Certification User (ATC User) or Post Sale Data Entry (used by salespeople to enter customer and the VIN number of the recipient car), then the Training modules can be accessed.

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"Improves professionalism for the recycler in airbag extraction, handling as well as the Haz Mat compliance aspects of shipping and delivery"

-- Jeff Kantor
Jeff’s Car World, Candia, NH

"Airbagresources lives up to it's name. It is just what our industry needs to promote the positives about utilizing quality recycled OEM non-deployed air bags in the automotive repair process. "

-- Sandy Blalock
Past President Automotive Recyclers Association
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