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Airbag Resources is a new and exclusive software solution designed to enable members to train and certify employees, inspect and track OEM non-deployed airbag modules effectively and efficiently within their operations. The Airbag Resources site and customized software are provided by ARA Product Services LLC., as value added tools exclusively for members of the Automotive Recyclers Association.

Airbag Resources.com contains three software applications, Airbag Training & Certification, Hazardous Materials Training & Certification and Airbag Inspection.


The Airbag Inspection application is designed to enable technicians to thoroughly examine OEM Non-Deployed Airbag Modules and record all the data necessary to comply with the ARA Protocol (Guidelines for Use of OEM Non-Deployed Airbags ). The Airbag Inspection software is engineered to allow quick data entry, consistent and thorough inspection of the part, report printing for inclusion with invoices/future reference and quick report searching on any part. A novel new feature of the Airbag Inspection software is the real time Airbag Recall Check. At the touch of a button, the software checks the government airbag recall notices and immediately warns the technician if a recall campaign is in place, saving time, effort, and adding to customer satisfaction. The OEM non-deployed airbag modules, which are successfully inspected using the software, carry the ARAPro brand. The ARAPro brand is the body shop and consumer’s assurance that the OEM non-deployed airbag module they are buying meets the standards required by the ARA Protocol. Each ARAPro airbag module is:

  • Conforming with the accepted international standard for OEM Non-Deployed Airbags, the ARA Protocol

  • Inspected by a trained and certified technician

  • Delivered with a Certificate of Inspection

  • Backed by a complete data record of each unit, including VIN of source vehicle, inspection and recall results, part and serial numbers

  • Checked against the current government recall list for non-conforming airbags

  • Shipped and transported in full compliance with DOT regulations

Prior to using the Inspection application, a technician must be a qualified Certified Airbag Technician or CAT. The Airbag Training and Certification application provides technicians with all the information they need, in an easy to use training module, which comes with a multiple-choice test. Technicians may prepare for the CAT qualification by studying the training and instructional material. In addition, Airbag Training and Certification provides training and instruction on the hazardous materials (dangerous goods) regulations and recommended procedures for packing, shipping document completion, safety and security awareness training (now required by the US DOT). Certified Airbag Technician certificates are valid for one year, after which a CAT must renew his or her credentials in order to continue using the Inspection software. Hazardous Materials Certificates are valid for three years, after which a technician must renew his or her credentials.

Airbag Resources is a web based software application, with no files to download, install or maintain. All you need is a PC and broadband Internet connection. If you are an Automobile Recyclers Association member and want to increase your airbag sales potential to the collision repair market, sign up today!

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"Improves professionalism for the recycler in airbag extraction, handling as well as the Haz Mat compliance aspects of shipping and delivery"

-- Jeff Kantor
Jeff’s Car World, Candia, NH

"Airbagresources lives up to it's name. It is just what our industry needs to promote the positives about utilizing quality recycled OEM non-deployed air bags in the automotive repair process. "

-- Sandy Blalock
Past President Automotive Recyclers Association
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