QRP of Wisconsin Joins ARA Airbag Protocol
We are delighted to welcome QRP of Wisconsin to the ARA’s Airbag Protocol at Airbag Resources.com. QRP of Wisconsin is the original QRP recycling group, with members throughout Wisconsin, Minnesota, and South Dakota. QRP members are committed to excellence in every aspect of their business. All QRP of Wisconsin members are ARA members, CAR and Gold Seal Certified and now can offer ARAPro Airbags to their demanding customers.
Posted: 2007-08-17 12:49 PM
ARA Airbag Protocol Presents at CIC
ARA Past President Jim Watson, of ABC Auto Parts, Inc. (Blue Island, IL),  presented the ARAPro Protocol for the use of original equipment non-deployed airbags to the Collision Industry Conference (CIC) as part of the Parts Committee presentation. CIC is a forum where collision industry stakeholders come together to discuss issues, build broader understanding, find common ground and communicate findings and possible solutions to the industry at-large. Also participating in the presentation were an insurance company representative from ICBC of Canada, highlighting their experience of airbag reuse, and representatives from the OEM manufacturers, identifying the manufacturer policy on the reuse of airbags. The ARAPro airbag presentation took place on July 23rd, in Scottsdale, AZ. This was the third presentation of the ARAPro outside the recycling community, and the first major presentation where all segments of the automobile repair industry were be in attendance at the same event. Over 400 individuals were present. Thank you to all of the Gold Seal members who have helped ARA collect statistical data for this presentation and have helped to further our efforts in promoting the sale of quality used OEM airbags!
Posted: 2008-07-23 04:04 PM
New Email Alerts for Administrators!
We have made some recent improvements which will make the Manager/Administrator's job of keeping track of employees' training records even easier. It is now possible to view the training records of all your employees on one page, so you can see at a glance, the status of every person on the system. In addition, the file can be exported to Excel, so can be stored on your local PC, emailed or printed out as needed. Also, we have introduced our new Email Alert for Administrators. Email Alert will send the Administrator an automatic email one month before the employee's certification is about to expire. Another email will be sent on expiry reminding you to make sure the employee re-certifies, or if he/she is no longer employed by you, to remove that person from the system. Email Alerts for Administrators making sure you are kept informed!
Posted: 2008-06-03 01:22 PM
New Prices in Effect From May 1, 2008
The ARA's Airbag Committee has decided to make important changes to the pricing for access to www.AirbagResources.com. Until further notice, we will charge members only $99 per year for access to the Hazardous Materials Training & Employee Certification program. That is only 27 cents per day to train all your employees! The Airbag Protocol will be available free of charge. At this time, insurers are not ready to publically endorse ARAPro airbags or any other alternative to brand new replacement parts for insurance paid collision repairs. However, it is the consensus view that insurer acceptance of a standards based program for inspecting OEM Non Deployed Airbags is inevitable. The timing of this however, is an unknown. Therefore, the Committee has decided to make the ARA's Airbag Protocol (i.e. airbag training, airbag inspection and ARAPro part search engine) available to ARA members for no charge. Instead, we will charge only for the Hazardous Materials Training and Employee Certification application available on the site. Any number of employees may be trained. The Haz Mat Training & Employee Certification application ensures you are compliant with the DOT's Hazardous Materials Regulations and is a legal requirement if you ship airbags in commerce. In short, for $99 annually, ARA members may use BOTH Haz Mat Training & Employee Certification AND the Airbag Protocol applications. Thank you for your continued support!
Posted: 2008-06-03 10:23 PM
Re-Printing Certificates Made Easier
Administrators can now easily re-print employee training certificates. Several members have suggested that it would be helpful if supervisors can access, view and print the Airbag Training and Hazardous Materials certificates for employees who have taken and passed the tests. All you have to do, is, log on as the Administrator, choose User Management, and then select the individual employee from the list displayed. Click on the employee's name,  which will bring up the employee's page. Towards the bottom of the page, there will be links which will bring you to copies of the certificates. These can be stored on your local PC or printed out for inclusion in the employee's employment file.
Posted: 2007-11-29 05:22 PM
Promoting the Brand; New ARAPro Logo Launched!
We have an attractive new logo for ARAPro Airbags. The new logo can be seen on the home page and was designed to help promote the ARAPro brand to both body shop and retail customers alike. Offering a "Quality Alternative" to high priced dealer supplied new OEM airbags is our core value, and this message is incorporated into the grahic design. A second version of the logo has the ARAPro Part Search engine web address incorporated into the graphic, making it a suitable for inclusion on members' own web sites. Files are available to members in both jpeg and Adobe Illustrator versions.
Posted: 2007-10-04 12:44 PM
New ARAPro Airbag Brochures Released
Two new tri fold brochures introducing the features and benefits of ARAPro OEM Airbags have been released (June 2007). Designed for retail point of sale and wholesale accounts (separate versions), these brochures explain to customers how ARAProOEM Airbags can save their car from totaling while restoring their car to its pre-crash condition.  Please download the pdf files by clicking on these links: ARAPro OEM Airbag Retail Brochure and ARAPro OEM Airbag Wholesale Brochure
Posted: 2007-06-27 05:46 PM
New ARAPro Airbag Parts Search Feature

Body shops and insurance carriers can now search for ARAPro airbags on line! Our new Part Search feature allows shops and estimators to query our database for ARAPro airbags to meet their estimating requirements. Parts searches are returned by make, model and year and part availability is confirmed immediately. This service is unique, as only inspected, ARAPro airbags from certified suppliers are displayed. The ARAPro Part Search feature on this web site was developed in association with Car-Part.com, a leading web based parts search company. ARAPro parts may also be located on Car-Part.com.

Posted: 2007-05-23 01:09 PM
Easier Access to All Sections for Yard Admins
Feedback from members told us that many wanted the ability for Yard Admins to be able to access the Post Sale Data Entry section automatically without having to log on separately. This change has now been made, and once logged on as the Yard Admin, it is now set up so that the Post Sale Data section can be opened without the separate log on step which had previously been required.
Posted: 2006-11-28 09:53 AM
Haz Mat Training For Airbag Shippers Now Available
The Haz Mat Training and Certification program is now available at no cost to members! The Airbag Training & Certification program has been enhanced by the addition of a comprehensive Haz Mat training course. The Haz Mat training material is complemented with a test which ensures the user has a solid grasp of the material. The Haz Mat training ensures all shipping employees have the necessary familiarity with 49CFR to offer airbags and seat belt pretensioners for shipping. Recent requirements for training in security awareness are also met. Certificates for candidates who successfully pass the Haz Mat exam are valid for 3 years. The Haz Mat Training module within Airbag Training & Certification is included at no cost with the purchase of an annual subscription.
Posted: 2007-08-09 12:04 PM
Air Bag Recalls now at the click of a button!
For the first time, it is now possible to check the recall status on any vehicle's airbags at the click of a button. When inspecting an air bag within AEMS, simply click "Check Recall Status" for an immediate response.
Posted: 2006-11-28 09:54 AM
Successful Debut at 2006 ARA Annual Convention
We had a great launch at the ARA Annual Convention in Indianapolis at the end of September! Dozens of members signed up to use the Airbag Resources web site and software for airbag training and inspection. In early October, participating members will be contacted for their insurance details. Once these are on file, user names and passwords will be issued. Final arrangements are being made for the identification of ARA Protocol airbags when displayed on the e commerce parts web sites used by most members. Once these are in place, you can upload your inspected airbag inventory with clear identification as "ARA Protocol" airbags.
Posted: 2006-10-02 12:23 PM
Airbag Resources Live!

We are currently accepting membership applications via our signup screen to participating ARA members. If you are an ARA member, and would like to utilize the value added tools on Airbag Resources.com , sign up today!  Create added competitive advantages for your business by using these customized applications in your day to day operations:  1) Airbag Training & Certification Program,  2) Hazardous Materials Training & Certification program and 3) Airbag Evaluation Management System (AEMS). All features are included for a very cost effective annual subscription.

Posted: 2007-08-09 12:15 PM
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"Improves professionalism for the recycler in airbag extraction, handling as well as the Haz Mat compliance aspects of shipping and delivery"

-- Jeff Kantor
Jeff’s Car World, Candia, NH

"Airbagresources lives up to it's name. It is just what our industry needs to promote the positives about utilizing quality recycled OEM non-deployed air bags in the automotive repair process. "

-- Sandy Blalock
Past President Automotive Recyclers Association
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Promoting the Brand; New ARAPro Logo Launched!
We have an attractive new logo for ARAPro Airbags. The new logo can be seen on the home page and was designed to help promote the ARAPro brand to both body ...Read More